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Eyebolt Installation, Testing, and Certification

Installation, Certification and Testing of Fall Protection Systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures

IRATA Trained Abseiling Teams - Fully Accredited & Experienced Rope Access Technicians

SERA understand the critical importance of fall protection as a fundamental component of any façade access system. Our team specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for your eyebolt and fall protection needs, ensuring safety and compliance at every step.

SERA - Enhancing Safety for Rope Access Operatives

Eyebolts are an optimal solution for ensuring personal fall protection for rope access operatives working at height. When your building requires regular access to the façade for cleaning and maintenance purposes, our team of skilled technicians can expertly install eyebolts internally or externally on the structure. This provides an additional layer of personal protection while the operative secures themselves to the primary system, guaranteeing their safety during cleaning or maintenance procedures.

Comprehensive Range of Fall Arrest Systems

At South East Rope Access, we offer a wide range of fall arrest eyebolts to meet your specific requirements. These systems are available in fixed, removable, and reusable formats, catering to various applications. Whether you need them for brick, concrete or steel structures we have the right solution for you.

Experienced Fall Arrest Installation

Our skilled technicians have the expertise to install Class A1 Anchor Devices for Fall Arrest, Fall Restraint, Work Positioning, and Rope Access systems to meet the regulatory standards of BS EN795 and BS 7883:2005.

Rigorous Testing and Certification

Safety is our top priority. With our full installation, testing, and certification service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your eyebolt systems are rigorously tested and certified for compliance. It is a legal obligation to conduct biannual compliance testing of Eyebolts and Roof Anchor Points, and for rope access, testing should be carried out every six months.


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