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Building Maintenance Services

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Abseiling, Rope Access Technicians

Planned & Reactive Building Maintenance for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Exteriors

At SERA - we understand the profound impact that the condition of your building can have on your core operations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of high-level maintenance services, supported by experienced abseiling teams and stringent safety protocols that ensure our client's assets operate seamlessly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business with peace of mind.

South East & London Rope Access Services

Leak Detection and Repair

Our skilled technicians utilise various methods to detect and fix leaks, addressing the underlying cause to prevent further damage.

Sash Window Repair and Replacement

No window issue is too challenging for us. Whether it's replacing broken glazing or repairing an ageing frame, we have the expertise to restore your sash windows to their former glory.

Liquid Plastic Roofing

At SERA, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of liquid plastic roofing solutions to meet your roofing needs. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality services tailored to your specific requirements. When it comes to liquid plastic roofing, we've got you covered with our expertise and commitment to excellence. We specialize in laying all types of liquid plastic for roofing, ensuring that your roof is protected and waterproofed to the highest standards. Whether you need a new roof installation, repairs, or maintenance, our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any project with precision and care.

Gutter and Downpipe Maintenance

Prevent blockages and overflow by entrusting us with the maintenance of your gutters and downpipes. We will efficiently remove debris, especially during autumn when leaves can cause obstructions. In the event of a blockage, we will swiftly clear it, and if necessary, replace damaged gutter and downpipe sections.

Brickwork Repointing

Preserve the integrity of your brickwork with our high-level repointing services for masonry structures. Our skilled abseiling team will carefully restore the mortar joints, enhancing both the aesthetics and structural stability of your building.

Mastic and Silicone Work

We specialise in providing expert mastic and silicone work, ensuring a professional finish and effective sealing for various applications regardless of substrates or joint sizes.

Bird-proofing Solutions

Protect your property from bird-related issues with our comprehensive bird-proofing services. We employ effective strategies to deter birds and prevent damage caused by nesting and droppings.


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