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SERA -South East Rope Access. Providing Reliable and Professional Rope Access Services in the South East and London

At SERA we specialise in high-level access solutions that have been refined over the past 12 years. Rope access has emerged as a globally recognised method in the construction and maintenance sectors, boasting an exceptional safety track record.

Our industrial abseilers offer a preferred alternative to traditional working at height practices, such as scaffolding, thanks to their swift setup, unobtrusive approach and cost-effective nature.

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive range of high-level building maintenance services in the South East and London. We have successfully completed numerous projects utilising rope access, showcasing its effectiveness. Unlike scaffolding, which incurs significant setup costs and time, rope access provides a more efficient solution.

Our rope access services encompass various tasks, including:

Certified IRATA Rope Access Technicians

At SERA, we exclusively deploy Rope Access Technicians trained to the globally recognised standards of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). As the leading authority in high-level industrial abseiling, IRATA certification guarantees the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

For projects that require specific qualifications, such as confined space works, our IRATA-trained technicians hold the necessary credentials and extensive experience.

Confined Space Expertise

We also excel in confined space projects, leveraging our industrial abseiling capabilities. Whether it involves silo cleaning and inspection, internal extraction ductwork cleaning, or dry riser works, we ensure the highest level of safety.

Our confined space rope access services incorporate rigging for rescue egress systems, mitigating risks in these high-risk environments. Each industrial abseiling project we undertake begins with a meticulous risk assessment and method statement to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency.


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